Interested in a quarter credit of environmental science?  This online seminar is available via Endeavor’s summer school for students interested in participating in a 4-week class that requires approximately 4-6 hours per week according to the seminar’s creators.  There is no charge for this course but you must sign up through Mr. Logan prior to June 24 in order to participate.

This is offered through edX, which is a collection of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  This particular course is a joint effort between Cornell University and the University of Queensland in Australia.  Students will enjoy a variety of activities and be asked to perform a number of assignments in a self-paced (there is a 4-week window beginning June 28, 2016, but most of the work will be done online from home) and independent setting.  Students wishing to participate as a group in a face to face setting will have that option either on Tuesdays or Wednesday at Endeavor Charter School depending on interest.

In this course, you will learn how scientists study sharks. You will join researchers on location in labs, aquariums, and oceans across the globe to learn about the biodiversity, biology, and conservation of sharks, rays, and chimaeras.

In this activity‑rich course, you’ll track movements of a wild shark, observe shark habitats and behavior, and dig deep into the fossil record. You will also examine topics in the functional anatomy, sensory biology, reproduction, behavior, and ecology of many of the 1,200 living species.

THIS IS NOT A SIT AND GET COURSE.  If you are not willing to put in the 4-6 hours per week to participate, you should not consider signing up.