Knowing Your Brain

In Endeavor, we strive to help each student understand how they learn best.  We want to make the process of learning as transparent as possible so that learning becomes intentional instead of accidental.  I have found…

Leadership and Lollipops

Is it possible that you are a leader and don’t even know it?

The First 20 Hours

It takes about 10,000 hours of doing something to become world class at it.  However, it only takes about 20 hours to become competent at just about anything.  Josh Kaufman explains in this 20 minute TED…

Three 1-Best Questions

Michael Bungay Stanier, of Box of Crayons, shares a collection of “One Best Questions” from business and creativity leaders from around the world.  Here are three for you to ponder.

The Archer’s Paradox

Is it science or wizardry that allows a long bow archer to shoot an aspirin out of the air?  Take a look. Did you know that 2011 Modern Longbow World Champion, Chris Schwandt graduated from Watertown…

Cat Chucking

No kitties were hurt in the making of this science.

Gluten Free Diet? Not today!

Why is everyone hating on gluten? Find out here.

This Will Revolutionize Education

Learn why learning is barely dependent on what is happening around you in the classroom and singularly dependent on what is going on inside the learner’s (that’s you, by the way) mind.  Bring your great attitudes…

Jedi Mindtricks from Daniel Pink

Motivation expert, Daniel Pink, reveals the secret to motivate someone to do what you want.

The Human Brain: How Smart Can We Get?

NOVA Science Now documentary on the human brain.