How to do Great Work

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Kid President gives a Pep Talk

Get ready for a new and AWESOME year!  The choice is yours.  Which path will you choose?  Endeavor to be the best you can be by taking action.  Make your world awesome.

Veritasium Founder, Derek Muller, on Video Learning

Derek Muller is a physics teacher whose PhD study was related to what quality video instruction looks like.  His YouTube channel, Veritasium, is an excellent example of what he found.  Enjoy this TED Talk from someone…

Inverting the curriculum

Project Based Learning is an area where this view prevails.  In this video Ariel Diaz advocates for inverting the curriculum, which traditionally starts with details to develop the learning path, eventually leading to the “reveal” of…

Voice and Choice in action

Logan Laplante gets it

Sal Khan’s view of blended learning

Salman Khan discusses how his video approach to teaching making face-to-face time more engaging.  It does not supplant the value of class time.

Sir Ken Robinson’s Famous Speech: Do schools kill creativity?

Not if we can help it!