Endeavor To Be More

What makes learning different at Endeavor? Listen as our students explain what it means to be a student in Endeavor.

Adam Grant: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

Do you procrastinate? Do you doubt your ideas?  That might not be as bad as you think as long as you don’t take it to an extreme.  Find out why.

Bill Gates’ future energy plan

Taylor Wilson: My radical plan for small nuclear fission reactors

Go big or go home!

Yup! I built a nuclear fusion reactor

Anyone else feel like an underachiever yet?

A promising test for pancreatic cancer … from a teenager

Give an average kid time and space to explore and amazing things are possible!  Or…we could test them until they can’t see straight and force feed them a one-size-fits-all curriculum ’cause that’s how all kids learn….

The First 20 Hours

It takes about 10,000 hours of doing something to become world class at it.  However, it only takes about 20 hours to become competent at just about anything.  Josh Kaufman explains in this 20 minute TED…

Why Do We Ask Questions?

Michael Stevens of the YouTube channel Vsauce, explains why asking questions is so important.  How much does a shadow weigh?  Why are creepy things “creepy”?  Why do they call it your bottom, when it is actually in…

Inverting the curriculum

Project Based Learning is an area where this view prevails.  In this video Ariel Diaz advocates for inverting the curriculum, which traditionally starts with details to develop the learning path, eventually leading to the “reveal” of…

Voice and Choice in action

Logan Laplante gets it