What is the vision behind Endeavor High School?

A school where students connect their passions and interests with life and learning goals as they pursue a rich and challenging curriculum.

Isn't this like the ALC (Alternative Learning Center)?

Not at all. The ALC serves students who are credit deficient and need a way to earn their credits to graduate.  The goal of Endeavor is to develop a learning plan that fits each student and maximizes their engagement and opportunity to learn.  Endeavor is not “an easy way out” or a “last resort”.  It is an amazing opportunity to help students to realize their potential and take responsibility for their own future.

When does Endeavor High School meet?

Endeavor uses the same school day schedule as Watertown High School (7:45-3:15 daily).  This allows students the opportunity to take up to four courses in the high school.

Where does Endeavor meet?

Endeavor classrooms are located inside of Watertown High School. We are just inside the academic wing straight past the gym.

The successful Endeavor student is a person who is passionate about learning. Students should be excited to not only be motivated and independent, but also see the importance of working as a team. Students will need to be committed to taking the personal responsibility to help design and pursue an educational plan that will prepare one for life after high school. Excellent candidates will also recognize the importance of creativity and thinking outside of the box. They are independent learners with passions that they are willing to actively pursue with the help of a qualified learning team.

Does Endeavor High School charge tuition?

As a public school, Endeavor High School does not charge tuition. The district registration fees are the same as Watertown High School.

Do Endeavor students meet the same academic standards as other students?

Endeavor students will strive to exceed the learning targets of a typical high school student. They must demonstrate mastery in learning targets that align with a variety of district, state, and international standards (e.g. ISTE, etc.).

What are colleges saying about charter schools?

The UW System uses a comprehensive review process for admission, which means that schools read applications holistically, considering all factors. From Wisconsin college admissions personnel (public and private):

“We take the time to individually review each student’s application. This gives us more leeway to consider students from a variety of backgrounds and curricula.”

“We want to determine if a student will be successful while here, not simply achieve the minimum requirements to get in. Well rounded students are a priority.”

“We see quite a few charter schools and don’t treat them any differently than any other school. The bottom line is to try to make a determination as to whether the student can be academically successful at our institution.”

How do students earn credit in Endeavor?

Students earn credit through demonstrating mastery in learning targets. There are many different ways to demonstrate mastery.  Students will do projects, participate in seminars, do online coursework and take classes to earn credit.

How will attending Endeavor affect my high school transcript?

Students who attend Endeavor will receive a high school transcript with course titles, credits earned and a G.P.A. that looks very similar to the transcript from most other high schools.

Is there homework in Endeavor High School?

Yes. Students will work with their advisor to set goals and pace their learning. Most Endeavor students find they need to do about an hour of homework a night to keep up with their goals. Learning happens both inside and outside of the Endeavor classroom.

Can my child participate in athletics or other co-curricular activities at WHS?

Yes. Endeavor High School encourages students to participate in as many athletic, drama, music, club, and other opportunities that they feel fit their schedule and interests. Endeavor wants to see all students realize their full potential and that is only possible through diverse experiences, including extracurricular activities.

What supplies does my child need for the start of the school year?

Individual Supplies

  • 8  1-inch 3-ring binders in a variety of colors. Cover with clear insert preferred but not required.
  • 8 sets of binder tabs
  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • 3 pads of 3″ x 3″ sticky notes
  • 2 highlighters
  • pens
  • pencils
  • pencil case or pencil cup to hold pens and pencils on desktop of in a file drawer.

Community Supplies

  • 3 pack of Kleenex (Students with last names A-H only)
  • Large container of Clorox wipes (Students with last names J-M only)
  • 2 dish towels or wash cloths (Students with last names N-P only)
  • Large bottle of hand sanitizer (Students with last name R-Z only)