About Us

Student Body:
Endeavor is a small learning community of 60 students in grades 9-12. They come from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of interests. They are united by a common characteristic: they are motivated to achieve their individual goals.

Students are supported by highly-qualified educators who have been specially trained in Personalized Learning and Project Based Learning. They are experts in the fields of English, math, science and social studies.

Commonly Used Vocabulary

Advisor- Each student is assigned an advisor to work with them on all aspects of their time in Endeavor.  The advisor is the coach who helps monitor projects, guide academic planning and coordinate the execution of the personalized learning plan.

Advisory Group- Each student is assigned to an advisory group that he/she will belong to until he/she graduates.  The groups are made up of students of all ability levels and all grade levels. All of the students in the advisory group have the same advisor.  Students will often present projects to members of their advisory group.  Students also sit with their advisory group in Endeavor. Many students feel a strong sense of belonging with their advisory group.

Personalized Learning Plan- This collection of materials helps students reflect on and become aware of who they are.  They use this self-reflection to set academic, personal and social goals and make plans for their future.  The personalized learning plan also contains a record of that journey. Students will add materials to their PLP weekly.

Individualized Learning Environment- Students in Endeavor very rarely do anything all together at the same time. Students make choices about projects, courses, seminars and goals individually based on things they know about themselves from creating their personalized learning plan.

Learning Target- A learning target is a statement that specifically states what a student should know or be able to do. Every learning experience, whether it is a seminar or a project, will have at least one learning target that will be the focus for that learning experience.  Students will earn credit for each learning target as they demonstrate mastery of it. There is a list of learning targets for each course in Endeavor.  The learning targets are listed and tracked in Project Foundry.

Seminar- A seminar is an expert led learning experience that usually happens in a classroom setting.  The seminar may focus on learning targets that are more challenging for students to accomplish in projects on their own.

Project– A project is a learning experience that is student led. Individuals focus on topics that they are interested in and curious about.  Students are responsible for completing the Endeavor project process that includes creating a driving question, having a live source, completing a portfolio, writing a paper and defending the credit of the project in a presentation. Projects will often combine learning targets from many different courses.  Projects are done independently and students are responsible for setting and adhering to their own deadlines.

Credit- Students earn credit for mastering learning targets.  They must show mastery at an A or B level to earn credit.  Students need to master enough learning targets in one course to finish that course.  Since students may be working on many different courses at a time, it is normal for students to have credit in many different areas. Students should earn a combined 3 credits per semester to stay on track to graduate in four years.

Project Foundry– Project Foundry is a learning management tool that students, advisors and parents use to track students’ learning experiences and credit.  Students enter all of their learning experiences, learning targets and due dates in Project Foundry.  Students are also expected to do weekly goal setting logs, weekly reflection logs and daily time logs in Project Foundry.