The Watertown Unified School District is proud to offer Endeavor High School which is responsive to learners’ abilities, interests, learning styles, and backgrounds.

Endeavor uses an interdisciplinary, inquiry and project-based, collaborative learning model where students take ownership of their education through the development of a personalized learning plan.

Your son or daughter will be highly engaged by a plan that they help design. Along with a rich academic curriculum, an emphasis will be placed on developing the essential skills of communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity and innovation. These fundamental skills will empower your child to excel in their post-secondary education and/or career.

The traditional high school learning experience often requires many hours of uniform curriculum. Though this works for some, some students are ready to take control of their own learning.

What Parents Are Saying

“My daughter is one of those kids who doesn’t learn sitting in a desk.  The structure of Endeavor has allowed her to use her organizational and creative gifting in project based learning.  She is flourishing and we never hear complaints about going to school.”     – mother of a daughter who is in her third year in Endeavor

“Endeavor is the best education for my daughter; the tailored learning suits her intellect. Incredible advisors make it their job to be sure that every student is at their 110%.”     – mother of a daughter who is in her second year in Endeavor

“My daughter is new to Endeavor this year and the first semester has been fabulous!   Endeavor learning is based on her interests and therefore allows her to go as far and as fast and she wants to, to reach her learning goals.   She isn’t held back by a black and white curriculum/class or at the speed of others.  She has exceeded expectations for herself, me, and her teachers!              – mother of a daughter who is in her first year in Endeavor