What makes Endeavor different?

At Endeavor, we focus on the learning process.  Products are still important. Rigor and high expectations are an integral part of this learning process.  However, you decide how you will demonstrate your learning.  Interested in a paricular part of history?  Make it into a project. Never thought of taking a Shakespeare class? Try a seminar. You will be empowered to determine your own path. You will be in charge of your education as you make choices that will make learning valuable to you.

You learn as part of a team that may include your parents, your advisor, your advisory group and experienced professionals who work in the areas you are exploring. You and your learning team develop a personal learning plan that helps you to reach your educational goals through a combination of seminars, projects, online learning, and real-world experience. You will have a lot of independence, but you will have a lot of responsiblity. You will be challenged, but you will be supported through your challenges by your team.

Endeavor is part of the Watertown Unified School District, so you are encouraged to participate in any of the district’s extracurricular activities  including sports, drama, music, and more. You are also able to attend dances, get help from the staff in guidance and even eat lunch in the commons if you choose to do so.

Is Endeavor right for you?

Endeavor might be a good fit for you if you…

  • are interested in solving problems
  • are an independent learner
  • are eager to serve and improve their school and community
  • are willing to do work outside of school
  • are able to organize yourself and stay on track with your workload
  • are willing to try new things or work outside of your comfort zone
  • are curious and have the desire and motivation to learn at a high level
  • are able to work through challenges to complete tasks
  • are curious and have the desire and motivation to learn at a high level
  • are interested in taking responsibility for your own learning
  • are interested in using creativity in your daily school work

What are students saying?

“I don’t look at things in my life in the same way anymore.  Because of the project process, my mind processes things differently.  I see the connections between ideas I never saw before.”
– Rebecca, senior attending her third year in Endeavor

“I am able to study what I am interested in and make connections to how that will fit in my future.”
– Denali, freshman attending her first year in Endeavor

“I like that Endeavor is flexible, and I can do things that maybe I wouldn’t be able to do in another high school.”
– Anthony, sophomore attending his second year in Endeavor

“I am incredibly happy with my choice to attend Endeavor. I have had real-life experiences including hands-on experiences outside the four walls of the school. I appreciate that earning credit in Endeavor is a byproduct of growing to love learning and enjoying the process of learning.  In addition, the constant exposure to a reflective and goal-setting environment has made me more introspective. All of these things have changed who I am.”
– Maya, senior attending her third year in Endeavor