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Our Vision: To create a responsive learning environment where students link their passions and interests with life and learning goals.

Create Your Own Path

In Endeavor students drive their learning. Independent, passionate students work with their advisor and their parents to design a personalized learning plan. Students engage in authentic, relevant, and self-paced learning opportunities designed to ensure mastery of universally respected academic learning targets. Students are empowered to create projects, participate in seminars and pursue interdisciplinary learning in a manner that makes the most sense for them based on their unique needs, interests, and passions.

21st Century Skills

In Endeavor, we value the whole student focusing not only on strong academics, but also on the skills students need to meet their life goals.
Communication – Students master a variety of traditional and media-based communication skills using the full spectrum of available and appropriate tools.
Collaboration – Students demonstrate an ability to participate in, lead, and form collaborative groups to achieve shared goals.
Problem Solving – Endeavor provides a myriad of opportunities for students to identify, explore, and solve a variety of complex and varied problems that do not have a single solution, a unique answer, or an obvious approach. Such expertise will translate well across all future pursuits.
Critical Thinking – Students regularly engage in critical thinking activities. In a world where knowledge is readily available through massive online databases, it is essential that students are able to sift through an overload of information and evaluate, understand, analyze, and prioritize that information.
Creativity and Innovation – Students will be challenged to think outside the box while developing innovative solutions to complex problems as they move along their learning pathways and will be encouraged to creatively demonstrate understanding of concepts in a multitude of ways.